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The Affliction by Tim Wiest

Will discovers he has developed a mysterious lump in his groin. A hyperkinetic young woman, Hermia, cavorts, chants, sings, prods, and teases until he realizes she personifies his ailment, a hernia. Will he endure this affliction or send her to her fate at the hands of Dr. Edsmun?”

(Not Pictured)
Director: Jenn Bianchi

“Is This My Support Group?” is an edgy comedy that occurs at this month’s weekly secret meeting of W.I.R.P.—The Witness Relocation Program. A new arrival is met with suspicion by the groups’ kooky regulars, who are from all walks of life. When the WIRPers uncover the new guy’s alarming past, will they still accept him?

Is This My Support Group? by Bonnie Milne Gardner

Marcel Marceau’s Acting Class by Andy Rassler

(Not Pictured)
QUASIMODO: Isaac Woolsey

When the world’s most famous mime offers an acting class, her royal highness and Notre Dame’s bell-ringer attend the class.

(Not Pictured) 
Narrator Poe: Bruce Rosenbloom


An updated parody of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven,” the speaker, instead of mourning Lenore’s death, is married to her While Poe and Lenore stream a Netflix drama, Poe would like a snack, but he doesn’t want to awaken Lenore, who is dieting. The Bluebird makes a singular suggestion, “Pop some corn.

The Bluebird by Eric Weil

The Kindness of Strangers by Mike Brannon

When two random strangers meet up at a snowy airport bar in 1959, they discover that they have a surprising number of things in common… including a deadly secret…

 Sparks fly when three strangers—a churchwoman, a stripper and an art historian with twin babies—have a bizarre encounter at a high-tech funeral home.

New Age Farewells by Susan M. Steadman

Twist and Doubt by Evan Daane

What will a Super Hero and Villain do when they are just sick of fighting? A classic tale of heroism and villainy, with a twist or two. Literally.

During a short Uber ride with an inquisitive driver, a young man reflects on his past mistakes, failures, and consequences of his actions.

Rain Like Tears by Elijah B. Moore

DIRECTOR: Lucia Foster

Something Old, Something New
by Gabrielle Vizcaino

(Not Pictured)
Director: Michael Parker

After her long time girlfriend rejected their proposal Alex has decided that her brother Sam’s cynical views on marriage and relationships was correct.

A parent and a teenage girl remotely visit a Poet Adoption Shelter to find the ideal family-friendly poet. The poets are treated as pets.

Unwanted Poets by Tom Buhrman

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